About Us

The Bead Shop and Bella Cosa Studio has combined with other Artists and formed Studio 213, newly re-located in Bellevue.   We are still here providing the tools and freedom to help you be the designer and create those “one-of-a-kind” treasures.   We have expanded our services to not only include beading and ceramics, but also hand-sculpting with clay, clay wheels, painting as well a “retail ready” room.  We have over 1900 square feet of studio space to fulfill your artistic needs.

Studio 213 is owned and run by 2 friends, Tammy S., who purchased the original Bead Shop in 2009 and brings with her personality and sense of eclectic artistry in beadwork, sculpting and painting and Judith P. who specializes in polymer clay designs and photography.   Both of us bring our own unique style to the Studio and will enhance your own experience equally.

Located in the heart of downtown Bellevue, ID, we offer one of the largest selection of beads and jewelry making tools in Idaho along with a knowledgeable staff. Our ceramic studio, Bella Casa is adjacent to the Bead Shop and boasts a light and airy space to create your own pieces.


“Owning the Studio is like having a lifetime pass to Disney World”



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